Dentist Reviews in Highlands Ranch

So, having lived here for over 10 years, with a couple different insurance policies, I've visited several local dentists. Like doctors, I've discovered that different dentists find different things and have different approaches to patient care and services. Here's my list of some of the ones I've visited. I am not being paid by any of these dentists and they do not know that I've published this list. It's just my free speech opinions.....

Redstone Dental
They get you in with the slick marketing campaigns and offers of discounted services. You will get the big push for major dental work within 5 minutes. Your entire mouth will be diagnosed with cavities and cancer and you will be pushed to have major work done immediately. I was told I needed some expensive cancer screening. They have a very slick sales pitch. Probably best to keep your mouth, and wallet, closed here.

My Kids Dentist
Part of Redstone Dental. I've heard similar stories from parents that are told their kid needs major dental work, immediately. No time for a second opinion.

Falcon Park Dental
This is another dentist that offers discounts and deals for initial visits. The first sales pitch will be a presentation on why you should pre-pay for major dental work. They explain that the work they need to do is not covered by insurance and if you don't sign up and pay in advance for their program you will spend many thousands of dollars. This is before the dentist even looks at you.

Highlands Dental
I went here a few times and all was fine. Good service. However, last time I went they seemed to have problems processing the insurance so I had to pay out of pocket. Of course, if the insurance pays for it the price is much lower than the cash retail price.

Smile Designer - Robert L. Martinich
A very nice office but I got turned off by the extreme medical records forms. They wanted way too much personal information, financial details, family history and names of relatives and their contact info. I suggested that they didn't need all that info for just a cleaning and x-ray..... In the days of identity theft this is completely unreasonable.

I'll update this list again soon - check back again.