Review of Richmond Homes

Quality Issues in Highlands Ranch

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There are a lot of houses here built by Richmond American Homes. I own 3 of them. They all have some construction quality issues.

There was a Class Action suit for defective hardboard siding. It would cost $30,000- to replace all the siding on a typical house. You can see various types & sizes of siding on their houses around the community. Many are defective. Richmond says it's an issue with the supplier - not their problem. A settlement was made that would cover the cost of a paint job - which just hides the underlying problems.

Defective roofing - cheap roofing shingles are deteriorating after just 10 years. Lots of leaking roofs and interior damage. Roof replacements here average $7,000-quality issues with richmoond homes

When I replaced my roof we discovered that the roof joists were not placed evenly.So, the roof still looks a bit uneven.

In two of the Richmond homes I own the garage floor is not even. When snow melts off my car the garage collects the water in large puddles. I have to sweep the water out of the garage.

A class action lawsuit was settled with a token payment to original owners that had initiated the claim. Contact

richmond homes cheap constructionKitchen layout defects. Counter tops are not level. Pour some water on the counter and watch it flow off the edge all over the floor, or form a puddle near the backsplash. New counter tops start at $2,500- If you do get new counter tops it's best to have a tile backsplash. Many of the walls are not totally flat.

Bad drywall - This shows up in garages where the drywall was not primered and painted. The drywall turns yellow and begins to rot. If the drywall was properly prepped during construction this could have been avoided.

Bad soil prep - Normally, a builder would amend the soils so that the lawns grow nicely. However, Richmond did not, costing homeowners a lot of time and expense to constantly fertilize and add organic material to the lawns.

So, none of this will cause the house to fall down. It will just cost you money to eventually fix everything - because Richmond did such a bad job with the initial construction. They place all the blame on their subcontractors, even though they hired them.

I've spoke with some of the managers at Richmond American Homes and their position is that none of these problems are their fault. The subcontractors and suppliers were the problem. The original homeowners should have noticed the problems before they closed on the house.

While all these problems can be fixed, it will eventually cost money, It was just poor quality construction and low cost materials used by Richmond Homes.

Lawsuits and Settlements against Richmond Homes;

National Claims Recovery 866 640 3611
- handles many of the claims. Call to check your address.

Defective hardboard siding: Foster vs.

Defective Roof Shingles: There was a private settlement with the original homeowners. This came about when resale homes were failing the roof inspections and owners had to pay for a new roof to close the home sale.