Sledding Hills in Highlands Ranch

There are over a hundred hills that getting sledding activity after a good snow. Like a good ski mountain, there's all levels of slopes, from little kids to the crazy teens. I've seen sleds, show boards and even skii's. There's probably a great one within walking distance from your house.

sledding hills

Here's just some of the most popular hills:

Highlands Heritage Regional Park - the soccer fields

Thunder Ridge High School - southeast side of the building

Paintbrush Park - 4901 Valleybrook Drive

Open Space at 630 Plaza Drive

Toepfer Park - 9480 S Venneford Ranch Road

Eldorado Elementary - parking lot

And endless smaller hills along the open space trails

Sed me your favorites and I'll add them to the list

Remember to bring a snow shovel to 'groom the hill'