Beware of Starkey Mortgage | Mortgage Fraud | Scam

Too many reports of bad service from Starkey Mortgage. If you want your deal to close, and not be involved in lawsuits after you buy the house, then please find another lender.

Brokers, if you receive an offer from a potential buyer with an approval letter from Starkey Mortgage you may want to ask the buyer to find another lender. If your buyer has a pre approval from Starkey be very careful. Their brokers have steered buyers to other Realtors. Yes, they will suggest that your buyer use another Realtor! There have been numerous complaints about them.

There is a recent case where one of their brokers convinced the seller to wait till their buyers agency agreement expired and then accept an existing offer direct, thus eliminating paying any commissions to the listing broker. Totally unethical, but that's what they did.

My experience says to avoid all dealings with Starkey Mortgage.